12V heatbed not heating up after assembly


I recently began putting together my Wilson ll kit and ran into issues once I reached preheating PLA in the videos. I was able to get the x,y, and z stepper to move correctly; however, I wasn’t able to get the heatbed to heat up. The extruder stepper would not move either but after plugging into the y axis was able to get the extruder motor to move.

During preheat PLA I see the D6 led light up when the hotend, plugged into FET2 (D9), is heating up but the D4 led does not. Am I right in assuming the D4 led is the indicator led for FET1 (D8)? Is there a way to test the heatbed with the other MOSFETS to rule out the PICA board since they output less current?

I have a PICA Rev B 12V board and HBP2030-MKC PCB heatbed wired for 12V. Both the 80 mm and hotend fan work as well as all the endstops and at least the hotend thermistor. Is there a way to test the print duct fan as well?