200x200 bed for Wilson II


Hey guys,

Building a Wilson II from scratch. Can I have a 200x200 bed instead of the default 200x300?



I don’t see why it wouldnt work. You’d have to change some of the config values and make the appropriate change to the Y carriage (MDF board), but it surely should not be a problem.


Thanks. That’s what I thought too, but since this is my first build I thought it better to ask first :slight_smile:

I assume there won’t be an issue using aluminium instead of MDF?


Funny you ask, I’m about to share a Wilson TS compatible Aluminium Y-carriage and printing plate. … So yes! Aluminium is so much better. No more MDF wrapping under humid/dry day :slight_smile:


sweet! add a link here maybe?


I have yet to put the file online, still testing the bed. I’ll try to share it tonight

Edit : Here it is : http://community.reprapwilson3d.com/t/wilson-ts-aluminium-y-carriage/166?u=andreq


@hasbridge built his own WilsonII as a 200x200, and he’s very happy with it.


I have the design files (SVG and DXF) for the 200x200 bed mount I’m using in my fork of the repository at:

I used the SVG file with a laser cutter to make my bed mount. The blue lines were used at lower power to etch the logo into the bed, and are optional. I used 1/4" melamine-faced MDF, which looks a little nicer than plain MDF. Here’s how it looks installed:

I am using the MK3 aluminum heatbed, but this will also fit the 200x200 MK2 PCB heatbed.


Love the bed design. I live in Regina, SK, Canada - where would I go to for having this made? Any chance I could have this made by you and pay you for it? Is it being sold somewhere?