3 wire endstops on PICA


I just started hooking up my fresh PICA and noticed the endstops only have ground and signal. The endstops I’d been using previously with ramps also had vin for a triggered LED on each endstop PCB. Are these style endstops compatible with PICA? Can I just solder the headers on and rock and roll?



@mjrice I have exactly the same question. I’m in the process of rebuilding a very high mileage Wilson TS I acquired as my first printer a few months ago on the way to building a 300 sized DBot.

I got a new Pica board and some MakerBot style endstops on PCBs with 3 wires. These ones specifically.

I notice the Pica has holes but no pins for Vcc. Can I simply solder in the pins? Do I gain anything more than just an LED indicator? Will they even work without it?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can simply solder in the missing pins and use the input with a 3-wire endstop. The only reason I don’t populate the pins is because it’s too easy to accidentally plug the endstop into the wrong row which will blow a fuse or damage the board.


Thanks for the clarification.