400mm cubed print area Wilson 2


I’m trying to figure out which stepper motors to use for my build. I am using a frame kit that I bought off of eBay that came with all the rods, extrusions, screw rods and hardware along with the 3D printed parts that were sourced from China also bought on Ebay. I’m wondering if I need ones with more torque than the ones mice mentioned since I’m working with a larger build volume. I also wasn’t sure if I needed to change the dimensions for the print bed or not since the heat pad itself will be the size I need it to be. Any input is much appreciated as this is my first build.


I have a 400mm cubed wilson 2. I am running on generic 1.2a/phase nema 17’s. That should be fine for the z and x axes, but I am wishing I had more for the Y - so I can print faster! I currently have acceleration capped at 400 on all axis and that has been reliable but it is reaaaaallly slow!


what would a good alternative be for the y axis?


I’m not sure - maybe something bigger, haven’t put too much thought into it. Nema 23 I guess?

If you ordered your kit online, you likely have the rods that will support the bed too close together - and you will suffer vibration. Check out these ends that @ant0ny designed for me (I am hoping to revisit/tweek soon - my rails seem to be outside spec, and also might think about the bigger motor): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2052651


Good idea to beef up the y axis ends. I already saw signs of poor print quality with mine. I had to ca glue the one side of my end because it split between the layers. It doesn’t look like it will fit my extrusion rods though. It looks like that piece is made to fit a flat style bar. It wouldn’t hurt to upgrade the smooth rod to a 12mm either.


That piece is made to use 12mm linear bearings. You won’t regret doing this.

Where abouts are you located? One of your problems will be finding someone who can print these…


I have developed a new Y Axis ends that is less attractive but more functional and far easier build and to use. I have orders for 2 more of my LulzBot TAZ6 Custom and I’ll be adopting this new setup, which can also be used on the Wilson II or any OpenBuilds style.

It’s a rework of my OpenBuilds 500x500x500 printer Y axis.


I like, can the print head get low enough, or will one need top mounted motors?

Also do you think that would work with 2* 2020 lengths instead of that profile(which is?)? I just so happen to have a few offcuts the right lengths…

Sorry more questions! What do you think about 3 or 4 rails? To stop sag/bounce in the middle…


I am trying to make this an upgrade for the Wilson and the Lulzbot with minimum changes.

I will raise the bottom rails up aprox 20mm with 4 new bottom corner brackets to replace the std wilson corner bracket for the main hoop of the frame. that way the Linear rails will bolt direct to the bottom rails.

I have already made a motor mount that will bolt to 2020 and I would change the belt adjuster to fit onto 2020.

The motor and adjuster ends of the liner rail will have I guess you would call feet to take up the 20mm or so gap between the 2020 and the bottom surface so the ends are not “swinging in air”.

I am using the strength of the rails as the complete Y axis frame and just replacing the Printed end plates with 2 short lengths of 2020. This would be fine for 200x300 and possibly 300x300.

For big heavy bed or you want to make it super strong then instead of the “feet” you could run 2 2020 rails the length of the Y axis to tie the motor and adjuster endplates together.


Say Squid could you post some pictures or your Cubed Wilson? I’ve been thinking about building a large format printer and I’d like to see how you did yours.




My wiring is currently a mess - as I am planning on building an enclosure one day, and have never got around to fixing it properly. I’m a bit ashamed to post it.



I don’t think supporting the rails would be a huge problem even at my length I think they’d be right with minimal support.

I was thinking I could add another rail or two to support the centre of the bed to stop it bouncing a bit (not that that is a huge problem).


Do you have a photo of the motor end? Will it take Big/high torque motor? If assume the motor is inverted in the design?

Any idea when you’d be keen for beta testers on this design?


I got all my stepper motors assembled onto my frame assembly. They are the 68 oz per inch nema17 stepper motors from sparkfun with the .9 degree step angle. I’m just waiting on my end stop switches to come in, and need to put the belts on to call the frame assembly 100% complete. I just ordered all the parts I need for my extruder with the exception of the fan mount. (looking for the source for that.) I’m using the e3d v6 hot end with the hobgoblin 5mm gear. I wanted to ask what you guys were using for the heated bed. the only thing that seems available in the 400mm squared that I could find on ebay was the silicone one. I saw some kapton ones on Alibaba, but I’m kind of wary about buying things from there. I also would like to know the dimensions to cut the print bed to along with the hole placement. Is there a file for this somewhere for the larger size?


My lower tray is aluminium cut to order from @ant0ny and the upper deck is 4mm plate. It is covered in PEI from cs hyde.

Aliexpress silicon heater attached to the 4mm plate.


For big beds other than silicone type, bigger than 200x300 you have:


All 24v


Drool - I want those beds!


I tidied up my workspace a bit, not so ashamed now:

Currently printing a better case for the ramps, as I have put enclosure plans on hiatus.


Any chance I can order an aluminum print bed off of you? I downloaded the file, but It wouldn’t open on my laptop for me to be able to see the full dimensions of it.