400mm cubed print area Wilson 2


Squid what voltage is your heater pad? it seems that the silicone pads are higher voltage than the mk3 style ones. I’m not sure if a 110 volt one will be compatible with my 24 volt system. I found one on ebay from the same people I bought my frame kit from. http://www.ebay.com/itm/400-x-400mm-Industrial-Silicone-Heater-500W-110V-for-3D-Printer-Heated-Bed-/182527877418?hash=item2a7f82612a:g:4dUAAOSwnF9Y7oKR


If i would have to guess then i’d say hes probably mosfetting the voltage for the heatbed from another source entirely



Correct, I was using a 12v silicon bed powered by an external MOSFET.

I have recently upgraded to a 240v bed powered by an external SSR.


Be very wary of mains voltage if you don’t know exactly what you are doing! It can kill.


That’s a good rule of thumb. I noticed that the diagram says to use the right voltage for country’s mains voltage. My question is, if I get a 240v heat pad when my outlet is 110v, will the solid state relay “boost” the power similar to what an automotive relay does? or should I just go with a 120v heat bed. Ideally I’d like to get the 1200w heat bed that I’ve seen that is 240v because that would give me .75w per square centimeter which will get the bed hot enough for pla, and also a little extra for fast heat up time. I have searched for a 1600 watt one which would give me 1 watt per square centimeter, but I came up with no results. I would like some input because I am about a stone’s throw away from having all the components I need to complete my build.


My electric engineering is very rusty, do you get half the power with 120v on a 240v bed or twice the current with the same power?