Added lights to my Wilson II


Check it out. I added lights to my Wilson II

I used the thing here:

and then remixed the thing to the led strip size I had:

I used the led strip that I bought from amazon here:

I just wired it to an empty positive and negative terminal on my power supply. I used silicone to encase the solder connections on either side so they didn’t short circuit themselves. I made sure to use neutral cure silicone. GE Silicone II works for this and I found it at my local hardware store.


Very nice, I added lights to my printer as well but took a little different route. Same kind of strips only mine were 5050’s and fit just right into the 20x20 extrusion opening. I used nail polish on all the important bits that might short against the aluminum and double checked insulation. Power is provided from under the build table.