Bed material and thickness


Hello you all veterans in RepRap.
I´m a newbee but totally hocked on RepRap and Wilson II.

I´m wondering what material you use in the bed and what thickness.
Preferable in mm !!
Is there any readymade that is purchasable rigt now??
Have heard that you may be able to use Prusa i3 ??
I was thinking MDF to get started and then Aluminum as next upgrade.

THX In advance


I assume you mean for the support that holds the heated bed – I have used a variety of plywood and MDF products anywhere between 5 and 6mm thick and they all work fine. Aluminum would be nice but is too costly and must be machined (a solid rectangle would be too heavy I think).



I have two 3mm aluminium plates the lower has the cut out for the endstop switch.

what i did was i took the drawing of the MDF lower plate and went to a local (one of my Clients) engineering firm and asked if they had any aluminum off cuts and asked if they could cut it to this size. i was willing to pay/contribute for this but got the lot for nothing. at first i had a 6 mm upper plate but there was problems with the weight so i went back a week later and got a 3mm plate which now has a silicon heater pad fitted to it.

for fixing it i still used the original printed support i clamped the two together and drilled six holes for springs and m4 bolts ( i ended up only using four)

hope this helps



Thanx guys.
I´m not sure what to get yet, but appreciate any advice…


I havnt tried all the variations but use MDF for for the base plate ( hold heating bed )

Then i looked for machine shops in the area and bought a 4mm piece of aluminum the heatbed ( scrap piece for ~ $10 )
They should be able to cut it down to size 300x200mm etc
i slapped on a silicone head bed on the bottom of the heatbed and put kapton tape on the top.

I also bought PEI sheet but Kapton tape works so darn well that i dont see a reason to switch.

Good luck with your build!


ABS is a good reason :stuck_out_tongue:


Roh Rohhh… serious?

I messed with ABS a bit last week but i think the filament i bought was crap or my settings were crap and never got it working right.

So kapton + heated bed doesnt play nice with ABS?

Here i was thinking Kapton was the greatest thing since artisanal loaves.


It works kinda ok on kapton, but PEI + ABS is like peanut butter and jam. They love eachother so much that sometime it’s hard to remove from the bed. But no wrapping, no random bed removal, it’s really the best upgrade for printing ABS (at least for me).


Any of you have a glass bed ??
I print on my Wanhao 4S with a glass bed and it works well.
Both on PLA and ABS.
I will make the base plate in 6 mm mdf to start with, i think.
But i maybe get a aluminum too as a extra upgrade.


Has anyone tried this aluminum bed?

The design files on thingiverse: