BoM Bearing, Nuts and Bolts, using different length and removing some of it?


Hello everyone,

I’m currently sourcing the frame, rods, nuts and bolts, and find some stuff are harder to find than others, so I’m wondering if the following can be replaced with similar part but with different length,

  • M3 x 14mm, I honestly don’t know why, but everybody seems to only carry 12mm and 16mm but no 14mm
  • M3 x 60mm, The longest that I could find is 40mm, would it be sufficient?

And since the servo is no longer used in the new design, can I safely remove this

  • M2 x 16mm
  • M2 Hex Nut

Also if I were to use the GT2 Idler, I can safely remove the

  • 624ZZ 3pcs -> 1pcs

From the BoM?

Thank you very much.


Unless you like mounting thr endstops with zip ties you will need M2 screws and nuts still. You don’t need 16mm though, I’d guess more like 12mm.


Ah yes, end stops, missed when reading the BoM, only the servo and LM2596 pops up :D.


In the videos Marty uses the zip ties for the endstops. I’m old school and couldn’t bring myself to do the zip ties on the endstop switches. Probably just fine but I thought screws would be better for repeatability.