Broke my glass plate for the first time, what kind of glass


looking to replace my glass sheet that broke. Note to anyone tinkering, dont rearrange all your cabling and forget to check your end stops. :frowning:

Anyway, does anyone know what kind of glass ships with the WIlson II kit? Is it straight up window glass or is it borosilicate?


It’s borosilicate. I got mine from EBay (listing here).


Thanks Walter. I went down to the local hardware store and had them cut me two sheets of regular double strength 1/8" glass. have done a few prints on it since and doesnt seem to have much problem with heating and cooling. time will tell if it gets fragile. ordered a borosilicate one as well, so i’ll just use these until that comes.

Thanks folks.


I had a local glass shop cut a piece of 6mm plate glass for me. It cost me $15 Canadian, which is about $10 USD. I have been printing on it pretty regularly for over a year now. I use an electric paint stripper heat gun to heat it up to 70 or 80 ,it takes 3 or 4 minutes for the heat bed to become ready and heating switch to the hot end. I print mainly PETg on hairspray.

Shipping from the US to Canada is ridiculously expense, especially when eBay sellers use the eBay’s Global Shipping system which is a particularly big ripoff.
So buying a chunk of Pyrex is too expensive.

I think Pyrex is overkill, regular plate glass is plenty good enough given the temperatures involve.
FWIW that’s my two cents.