Cable Chain (drag chain)


Has anyone done a cable chain setup on their Wilson II? and would like to share some detailed pics.


TechMav built a Wilson II with X and Y axis drag chain. you might want to look into it for ideas.


Wow… this looks pretty neat.
I especially like the power supply… rated 57A at 12V :astonished:
ballin is a habit.


Ok after looking at everyone’s cable chain I came up with this setup.


That looks great, mind to share the files? :ok_hand:

edit: at first I was mostly interested in the cable chains, but what have you done with the rear brace: a custom z brace ala lulzbot? What were your reasons to add the extra extrusions?


Yes I will pot up my files for the cable chain system just a little busy the next few days. The extension started as just a top frame with gussets but it caused other issues fitting so the rear frame was added to hold everything… this all started because I had a bowden setup already made from my i3 Prusa.

The only negative for the chain setup on the X is loosing a little more Z height about 15mm. I’ll do a detailed write up of both the cable and the extension.


abelon sorry for the delay. I am just printing the cable management again now for my second Wilson II, so I had a chance to check over the files and made a few adjustments.

Posted here

If you need any changes give me a shout.

As for the frame it has gone through a small change and I will change the files and upload them when I check them.


ant0ny, do you mind giving some more details about which size drag chain you for each area of the printer? I’m seeing a bunch of different models on your thingiverse page. Thank you for designing this by the way.


Not sure what you mean.

There are 2 size links 8x10 for the X and Y and 8x20 for the Z. The options for each size is how any links either 1 link or 3 links or 8 links is the options

I’m using

21 8x20 links for Z
24 8x10 links for X
22 8x10 links for Y


Thanks ant0ny! That’s exactly what I wanting to know.


Thanks for all your replies. Now one final favour: could you upload your original files (not the stl’s), so I can alter them for a different heated bed location (I need to change the connector place).


What type of file does the software you use import. For all the changes I do for files I download from Thingi I import the STL and work from that in Inventor.


I’m using solidworks and it of course imports .sldprt, but also .step of course.

I just installed the y-cable chain with all the default STL’s and its great! But I think I still would like to change the mounting holes, cause they are too near the edge and too thin for the m2 nuts and bolts I have.


Ive added a Zip file called to Thingi see if they work.

If they don’t work or you need other files let me know.

I thought Solid works imported STL files natively. With Inventor I have a addon that allows me to import a STL and turn it into a base feature then I can modify as a part file before exporting it back into a STL.

Very handy with working with Thingi files.