Can someone slice some things in s3d for me?


I want to see how s3d compares to slic3r. I am having problems with the ID of the probe holder - almost 2mm smaller than it should be, have heard that slic3r can be bad at this.

1 of these:
2 of these:

Bed Size: 400*400 (although standard wilson bed should be ok).

Temp Initial Layer: 210
Temp After That: 200

Initial Layer Height: 0.3
Layer Height: 0.12

Nozzle: 0.4

Infill: 40%?

Max speed: 45mm/s
First Layer Speed - make it really slow - 25%?

Volumetric units
Firmware Retraction


I think there’s something in their TOS where you can’t legally do that.

Do you have a settings somewhere in slic3r to printer from outer wall to inner wall (if that make any sens?). Outer wall being the center of the hole.

I had issue with holes when they printed from inner to outer wall, as it printed the final radius as the last pass, with a big offset from the first pass.


I have worked it out. I’d still like to try s3d, but I am not paying first - until they introduce a trial or such, I just can’t fork out >$150aud for a product based only on its glossy.

Edit: it was a bad model, measured in the windows 3d tools, the hole diameter was way off.


I’m looking into trying Slic3r prusa edition soon to replace S3D. It’s nice and the UI is easy to use, but there’s so mores feature in Slic3r nowadays. S3D is rarely updated if ever :frowning: