Chasing some rigidity on the tower


With the big size of my build, the tower isn’t as stuff as I’d like. I was thinking some stronger 90s at the bottom (I have the first L shaped design), but I’d prefer go with something like @ant0ny’s ones that brace in 2 axes

2020 Frame Corner 90deg LulzBot found on #Thingiverse

For the to I was thinking something like this:

2020 Extrusion Gusset found on #Thingiverse

I don’t see that it would interfere with the z axis even if I get it that high, thoughts?


The best evolution of my Wilson from rigidity point of view was the this one. I don’t have a lot of pics but you can see most of the idea.

It was a second square the same size as the main square of the Z X axis offset to the rear and I had the mother board on one side and the power supply on the other tieing the frames together. It was by far the most rigid frame I have built including the LulzBot.


That is pretty sweet, but trying to keep costs down for at least the next few months! :frowning:

I have some 2020 offcuts, I was thinking of a 45 degree brace front and or back of the tower to stop wobble in the y axis, but the above links to try and strengthen it for a shear force/wobble on the x axis.

The x seems to be the bigger problem right now.


Yeah understand that… go for the back because the front not having a top vertical part of the frame will not work the same as the rear.

If you tie 45deg back from the vertical Z to a horizontal 2020 in X under the Y axis that would make it pretty strong.

X is hard because of the space but you should be able to do the top 2 corners of the rear frame.


So with your 90 degree braces - what is with the mirrored file? :confused:


It’d be sweet if someone was to redesign the z axis tops to include such a brace :wink:


@Squid is there an error in the file?


did you try those hidden angle 2020 brackets? would they be enough to help.


I just can’t see how it is needed… You can rotate the other one and cover both sides front and back.


I might give them a try, but I’ll see if I can print some stuff up to work in the mean time.


So it seems my y wobble is me forgetting to print off 4 more of the blocks to join the rails to the 2020 (I got excited to get it working). I’ll do some more of those and hopefully that will do!