Cura vs Simplify3D


Does anyone here use Simplify3D? I’ve been looking into it but the price tag is keeping me from buying it without knowing if it is really much better.

If anyone DOES use Simplify3D, what do your setting pages look like?


I use Simplify3d and it’s quite good for some stuff. But lately I’ve seen people who use Cura have way nicer result than I do… so I got mixed feelings :expressionless:.

I do prefer S3d user interface over Cura.


I used Cura for a while (its free) but when I tried S3d it was a total game changer.

There are so many things that you can tweek in S3d that you cant do in Cura.

but like Andre I also have seen a few people with great results from Cura does this make me think that S3d was a waste of money or at least expensive - not really there are good points to all slicer programs it just that some have a few less than some :slight_smile:



How hard was it to configure S3D to work with a Wilson II? I took a look a the config panels, it seems like there are many many more options (extruder offsets, layer by layer setup, etc) and I’m worried that it would take much more tinkering to set it up compared to cura.


Hey brookshank. I switched from Cura to Simplify3D about 6 weeks ago, and I think it was worth it. I used the same basic settings (temp, layer height, print speed) that I used in Cura and my prints turned out significantly better. I’m sure I could’ve gotten similar quality out of Cura if I spent enough time researching and experimenting, but I have trouble finding the time for all that.

Oh… and supports! They snap off so easily! You can add and remove them wherever you want! I used to avoid using supports in my prints because they were a pain to remove and it left marks on the finished print, but S3D supports pop right off with little or no marks. Now I find myself adding supports “just in case”.

There are lots of other nice little features that aren’t necessities, but now I’ve gotten to where I don’t want to be without them. I don’t see myself going back to Cura now that I’ve gotten comfortable working in S3D.

I recommend watching ALL the tutorials on their website to get a good idea of the cool features.


I just started using S3D myself a couple weeks ago. I’ve been a loyal Cura user for a long time, but had heard so many good testimonials for S3D’s support generation and other capabilities that I finally took the plunge. I’m hoping to do some head-to-head comparisons, but overall I have to say the prints have been better since using S3D. In particular (and I don’t have proof of this yet) I think it is producing more faithful dimensions for interior features like holes. This would be a big deal for me since most of the parts I make are mechanical in nature. Also I like how S3D will let me overlap parts, so I can fit more on the print bed than I could with Cura. Also I did one big print with s3d (33 hours) that needed supports and they really are as good as people say.


I borrowed a friend’s copy of S3D, and tried printing a vase and a Benchy (boat). The quality on S3D was amazing compared to what I had had on Cura, I think the infill settings on S3D (along with the customization) really won me over and I’ll pick up a copy of it soon.


Can anyone with both post a head to head print quality comparison with pictures/video? It would be really nice to see how directly the slicing affects things like accuracy, overhangs, etc…


I’ll get on that this weekend, first I have to normalize the settings on both to get accurate comparisons and re solder my z probe end stop, it keeps getting torn out by the jerking of the pinion.


Take a look at Maker’s Muse comparison test.


I took the plunge today. My first test was a negative space test which had some improvement in Simplify 3D. The S3D print is 0.2 mm layers the Cura print is 0.12 mm layers. Otherwise everything is comparable.

I really like the Simplify 3D options. They’re layed out better than Cura and enable greater control. You can set top layers and bottom layers independently for example.


Here is another comparison. Besides my finishing gcode blunder which crashed the hot end into the finished S3D print, the results are surprisingly similar. The supports in Simplify 3D are way better. They’re easier to remove and leave less scarring. Otherwise the results are the same.


What is everyone using for settings? Could you include a screenshot?


I do always prefer S3D but since the LulzBot version of Cura with the Z offset option I am finding I do use it more when I want to do something quick with less tweaking.

The other day I found the new Prusa version Slic3r has built in the Smooth Variable Layer Height… it works pretty well and the slide bar style of adjusting the variable layer actually is pretty nice to use.


I have been using cura since I started. Did try slic3r first and I think I was a bit daunted by it as I was only new to printing.

I have been frustrated with my first layers, and have tried everything suggested to configure cura with no luck.

I just downloaded prusa edition, and threw together a quick print with almost default settings and chucked it on the printer to see how it goes while I have a closer look at the config. Well guess what? It is now putting down the nicest 1st layer I have seen! Fingers crossed it keeps it up and the whole print is this nice!