Diet time! Weight reduction on the extruder - titan /w pancake stepper


Big weight saving and in theory more accurate. Looking forward to getting printing tonight.


I’m having big troubles dialling in the Titan (/w a prusa style blower fan).

Getting massive warping on the first few layers (first looks ok, the next few seem to shrink majorly). Also some inconsistent extrusion through the layers - guess I need to get onto that filament width sensor.

However that said I am fairly confident that this change is for the better, it will allow me to accelerate in x much faster due to lower weight, and extra accuracy will be good once dialled in.

I also found an issue with my y motor mounting being loose, so that should help with the ringing I have been seeing, and once again allow me to up the acceleration a bit.


Just finished this one: looks good from the video, hopefully reality is what it seems.


Glad you got a working rig with a titan extruder, I’ve been using mine with a small pancake and it’s been the best change I’ve made. Really good solid prints at decent speed without shaking the machine apart.

Best wishes.


I still don’t have it going as well as I’d like, but getting close!

I have a filament width sensor I am in the process of setting up - it seems my filament does vary a fair bit.


This a good resource for comparing motors sold by these are the only motors I use and after over 100 motors bought I have not had a fail or any issue with a purchase or postage.

The good thing about this is it lists the motor weights.