Dual Bowden Suggestions


I’m considering converting my Wilson 2 to Dual Bowden.
I see some nice X-carriages, and stepper/filament drives on thingiverse but not a whole solution that I’m confident about being a good fit. I thought I should seek wisdom here before I started ordering stuff to try to peice what I want together.

Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on what would integrate well with the Wilson 2? I envision mounting the stepper drives on the Vertical T-channels and having the filament spools sitting on the table on each side. Possibly something else…


I prefer Bowden from the point of view of less mass on the X carriage.

The only negative thing I find about using bowden is the difficulty in printing flexible filaments.

On the side sounds good idea. Here is my setup before I went to a Titan.

Here is my concept prior to that setup.


Really nice looking setup… Do you happen to have a BOM for the hardware needed to do your design? I think I found the files for the printed parts you posted somewhere…


I abandoned this setup when I went to the Titan extruder so I didn’t develop this any further. Here are my printed parts. There is one “got ya” on the X motor mount there is a Z axis switch mount which hit when I used the 45deg let design… I just cut it off.

The second loop of 2020 offset was more materials but worked well.

If you need any extra bit drawn up or modified just ask.


Thanks a bunch…for this and the other helpful info in other threads…


So I’m finally doing this…I’ve got a Chimera ordered along with some hardware to get things going.
I’ve still got to decide on exactly how to lay it out. Looking at the pics earlier in this thread I’m a little concerned that the bowden tubes will be at a sharp angle while printing something near the max of the Z axis. That layout also would involve more of a redesign of the frame.

I have been considering this idea(excuse the artwork) but it has its own drawbacks and takes up a lot of space:

This would in theory work w/no mods to the frame and extruders that bolt to the t-slots. It would also keep the bowden tube angle relatively constant throughout the whole Z travel.

I’m also trying to narrow down which extruders and x-carriage mount for the Chimera I want to use so I can start printing them…Has anyone else done a Chimera or similar on a Wilson 2 and want to share their idea/pics?


here is my current single bowden setup. very easy to swap out back to the standard extruder setup. but also have zero problems with it. only change i needed to get it working was up the retraction amount. of course i have upped the speeds as well now.


That is pretty much exactly what I was planning to do…yet I hadn’t considered facing the stepper (s) in the direction you have. I’ll be doing it your way x2 basically.
Thanks for posting the pic. I also like the adjustable spool holder.


The only thing I can add… is the Chimera a 2 in one nozzle? this would be by far a much better setup after my few brief runs with dual extruder and working on Customer dual head machines they are such a pain to have the 2 nozzles exactly level.


i believe the chimera is the 2in 2 out extruder. the cyclops is the 2 in 1 out. though cyclops would require a waste tower, and you can only ever use a single type of material at a time, so good for multi colors but horrible for using a different material for support wouldn’t it?


good point about the different materials… something I haven’t gotten into yet. I guess one ting going for the Chimera is they are at least one body so that eliminates making sure the 2 setup a are level which would be 1000% better than some of the dodgy flashforge dual setups I have worked on.

I’ll be interested to see how it works out and your thoughts on the Chimera when you are doing different materials.