Electronics fan is it necessary?


How necessary is the fan used to cool the electronics? Mine was really hot today and when I stopped it with my fingers briefly, one of the blades fell off of it (literally just fell off sitting there) and now the hub is completely wobbly.

Is this really that necessary? with the jumble of wires in the RAMPS board, I have a hard time believing that anything there gets any really good air flow to begin with.


It’s a bit of a “hack”. It cools down the polyfuses, which trigger if they’re too hot.
It probably cool down the triacs a little, which make them less likely to blow up.

I don’t think it’s a necessity, but wouldn’t remove mine since it’s a 2-3$ part (from China). You can replace your fan easily with a 80mm computer fan. Either find an old PC in a dumpster or get a new one from a computer store (shouldn’t be much more than 10$).

I think you’ve changed your power supply output to 13v if I’m not mistaken? That might be why the fan got really hot. You may have better luck with a higher quality fan. But then again, 13v vs 12v isn’t much of a issue:.


Thanks Andre,

I’ve got spare computer fans all over. I’ll hook one up until i have a more elegant solution. My power supply was only able to get up to about 12.5 volts or so, so it’s hard to say if that caused it. But like you said it is a cheap chinese part. Thanks.


Beware of cheap Chinese fans! The solder joint on one of mine failed and the wire dropped onto the controller board. The electronics didn’t enjoy running at 24VDC and it cost me a new Rumba board and display module


Until I printed a fan grill (from thingiverse), I was constantly sticking my finger in the fan while it was spinning and breaking off a blade. A temporary fix I used was to break off a diametrically opposite blade to let the fan run balanced again. The loss of a couple of blades didn’t reduce the air flow by a hugely significant amount and it kept me going until a replacement was installed.


Have been running the printer nonstop for the last 4 days since I removed the fan entirely and I havent noticed any change in temperatures or any functionality. One of my next projects is to design a case that will house my arduino, ramps, and octopi boards in one housing so that I can clean up the look of it. I like the look of wires everywhere, very industrial, but the wife doesnt when it’s sitting out in the middle of the room for everyone to see.


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Sadly I can’t find the kid cabinet anymore, but IKEA probably have some kind of similar “box”