Esteps very different from those seen here


So my initial test of printing a hollow is done.
I think my efforts were well worth it, even blowing up my drivers because I learned a lot through it all.
Please judge accordingly.

The Green Print is after all my tinkering.
Speed: 40mm/s
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Bed: 50c
Hotend: 230 first layer, 200 all others.
Using Slic3r 1.33.8

I’ve never printed anything so beautiful in my life :slight_smile:
Best wishes all.



Looks great. Can you show the other side of the green hollow? I’d like to see if it shows the same as the white hollow, the step in the layers. My hollow looks like your white. I’m going to check my settign like you did. Thanks for your time.


Sorry I gave it to a friend already but it does not have the bead like the first go hollow. Partly because I used random for that seam thing, and there was no over extrusion. it was just a diagonal drift from the bottom to the top starting on the right and going towards the center.

Thank you for the compliment I was very proud of that.
I will print another and send a shot.



I have just started to experiment with MakerGeek PLA… It seems to run hotter than any other PLA I run as well (I have to run the Raptor at 245!) I run other brands right around 200 with good results but have gotten jams with temps that low for MG stuff.