Fan for Drivers


Using the PICA rev B board I connected the fan for the Drivers to Pins D12 and enabled in config advanced h

//This is for controlling a fan to cool down the stepper drivers
//it will turn on when any driver is enabled
//and turn off after the set amount of seconds from last driver being disabled again
#define CONTROLLERFAN_PIN 12 //Pin used for the fan to cool controller (-1 to disable)
#define CONTROLLERFAN_SECS 60 //How many seconds, after all motors were disabled, the fan should run
#define CONTROLLERFAN_SPEED 255 // == full speed

I defined Pin 12 as per #define FAN_2_PIN 12 from the pin.h list

It sort of works… it turns on fine and the speed is fine but it doesn’t turn off when the print is finished after the time period. I does work sometimes though if you turn things on and off by the lCD panel.

I’d assume it’s looking for the motors to be disabled then wait in this case 60secs then turn the motor off. I have M84 in the END scrip in S3D so what am I missing here?