FlashForge 3d Pro bed overtravel - wont stop, grinds


Complete Neophyte here.

Flashforge 3D pro, I’ve printed 10± models w/o incident. Suddenly when then print job starts, the build bed travels to absolute bottom of the unit and then the motor grinds. I have to shut down the printer for it to stop. I’ve tried RTFM and searching for a solution but nothing yet. Any thoughts as to what’s gone bonkers suddenly?

Fireware upgraded to Snailfish 7.8 r0e8a9



I assume this happened after update? If so you need to reverse the motor direction. WIlsons use Marlin and although I have used sailfish, I try my hardest to forget anything I learn about it…

There maybe someone here that knows how to do it in software… or google reverse motor direction in sailfish.

I am sure the plugs are keyed so I would temp make up a short adaptop that reverses the wires to see before you cut or solder anything and see if that fixes it.