G'day from Australia


I’ve been interested in the Wilson ever since coming across the RepRap project. I’d love to get an official kit, but when I try to checkout it doesn’t seem that it can be shipped overseas?.. :-\ I’d prefer to support the creator than mess about with Chinese eBay bits of unknown quality, and the kit seems like a good deal (even though postage will no doubt add a fair bit more cost).


If you have a printer already the files are available to download and print. I printed my own parts and bought a few things from Marty that I didn’t already have.

The postage from US to us poor folk in AUS is brutal, not Marty’s fault but his prices on components isn’t too badly priced.

I am selling my Wilson II, all it has done is printed my second Wilson II which is just about finished now. I’m in Brisbane.


I looked into that - I have access to a small 3D printer at work - but the parts were too big for it’s puny build area!..


Hey mate, I came across a similar issue given my current build area is only 150x150.

You could orientate the base at 45 degrees in Slic3r and print support materials.

Might just give you enough room to get the two Y axis pieces done.