Geared Extruder


Hi all,

I just got around to upgrading my printer, and ended up replacing my 0.4mm E3D V6 hotend with a 0.6mm Prometheus v1 hotend. Unfortunately, my extruder motor is having some trouble keeping up (and I’m worried about increasing my driver current, it already gets very warm during prints), often skipping steps and having trouble with retractions. I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions for a geared extruder.

I also have a BLTouch bed probe sensor, so I need an extruder with a mount for that as well. The best option I’ve found to date seems to be the Wilson 1’s geared extruder, which is a Wade’s extruder remixed by mjrice for the Wilson. I’m using the old-style X carriage, since I don’t need the rack-and-pinion Z probe.