Greetings folks... some help needed please


Good evening.

I have a problem with my Wilson II. After leaving it for 4 months I returned to do some printing… But a problem has occurred to which I have been unable to find a solution. I hope someone wise on our user group could help.

Nothing has been changed since the last time I used it when it was working fine.

Upon sending G28 to the printer the x axis moves to greater than 200mm so exceeding its travel and grinding against the belt tensioner and so slipping its position and fraking everything up. It also does this on sending G29 (which starts with the same G28 type move of course ).
I’ve tried rolling back to my older version of Marlin to no avail.
The X-max position is still set to 200 and even if I reduce it ( in config h, to say 180mm it still does that same thing.
My E-steps are still correct. If I zero the axis and use the display to drive the x-axis by say 150 or 200, I measure accurately the correct distance required, so I don’t suspect the axis e-steps. Same if I drive with pronterface.
Please, please could someone give me some advice…I’m pulling my hair out with this.

Kind regards Antonia

I use Arduino Mega with Ramps with LCD, Pronterface and Slic3r. Bed size set at 200x200mm in Marlin


HI I don’t suppose there is a chance the X axis motor connector got flipped? I had this same problem. And fixing it was just flipping the X motor connector.

you can check by moving the X axis to the middle manually and going to prepare and move axis, 1mm is fine, then select the x axis. Don’t worry about which way you turn the dial just watch the numbers and if they go up and the extruder moves to the right. It’s ok if it goes to the left your connector is on backwards.

Try not to initiate Homing till you’re sure all your axis connections are right.

Hope this helps.



Dear Remo

Thanks for the help but the connections are correct and the axis drives in the correct direction. It’s just that it over drives the axis to far.

Again thanks for being kind enough to reply xxxx.

I hope someone can work it out for me.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


I just had a similar thing happen twice tonight on a new Wilson. I did 2 things then restarted the printer and hit reset to be sure then it is printing again without an issue.

  1. I have a few SD cards that sometimes reader have trouble reading so I got a SD card that always works.
  2. I made sure the X axis micro switch is free and actually made sure the metal tag is not touching the switch with any pressure. Cause it seemed like it tripped the switch without going all the way to it.

These are the only two things I did and I didn’t try between so it’s a long shot if it’s the same issue.


Hi Antony

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: However, I don’t use an SD card and the x-axis micro switch works perfectly. It is the software X MAX over run that is occurring…I’m stumped :frowning:

King regards and many thanks



If this is the only axis that seems to be giving you trouble at the moment. Ie The Y axis moves fine. Have you tried reseating or replacing the stepper driver? If you are getting noise (which could be due to a poor electrical contact) the driver might receive more pulses or think there are more pulses then there really are.

You should be able to swap the X and Y drivers and see if the problem moves to the Y if it does. It likely is a bad stepper driver.

Lastly if something weird happened and the EEPROM setting for X-steps is off it should read 80. And a bad switch setting under the driver, if it dropped from 16 steps to 8 or worse it would over step and smash into the far end.
When you take out the driver to reseat it, just give the switches a quick shove and push they all should be on.

That’s about all I have left of


Dear remowylliams

Hi, yes I did that. The steps are fine as it drives perfectly along each axis by exactly the right distance. I cannot drive it into further than the X MAX by using the control on the LCD or using pronterface…It won’t let me exceed the X Max which I have set to 180 only to try and resolve the situation. It’s only on G28 or G29 when it happens. Trouble is I cannot print without it …

Many thanks for trying to help tho.



Hi Antonia,
Thanks for the quick reply, hmm does your Wilson use the Rack or the servo for Z axis probe?
If I recall those are specially coded if you use the rack.

I would say if the G28 and G29 codes are causing trouble, you might build firmare and reflash the Arduino.

Best wishes to you.



Hi Yes

It does use the servo system NOT the rack. I have tried re flashing the firmware 14 times and counting as I sit here trying to do it right now…



Wow 14 times sounds like the first time I tried to reflash my firmware. I was a complete noob to 3d printing but experienced in the ways of Arduino and such. When I grabbed the firmware off github and built it, I thought everything would be a snap, but there was a huge basket of settings I needed to do, as it was just the default marlin and I had no idea where to go or start.

I ultimately had to ask Marty for the firmare he loaded my machine with, and had to roll back to Arduino 1.6.8 IDE to get everything to build.

I’m better now but I do not poke the firmware yet… just small tweaks like modifying the speed function for the extruder. And fixing the dial so it moves the menu and values the right way when the dial is turned.

I suspect you’ve tried loading factory settings once you upload your firmware. but Just in case you have not. Try it.

Best wishes to you



Thanks Remo

No when i built the machine last year I had the same problem as you. But, I managed to get Marty’s code working really well on my machine. A lot of learning about the firmware code. Interestingly, I’m using Arduino 1.6.9 I wonder?



HI Antonia,
When several different versions failed, I jumped a bit trying to find one that worked. It’s possible 1.6.9 works fine. At the time I was desperate to get firmware working. I forget for certain if I tried 1.6.9 I’ll check my downloads.

Youtube has been my wing man when I could not find the answers here. But in all this forum has been a great resource for me.


Yeah I’m just downloading the latest version of Marlin from the github right now. Sounds like I have to start from scratch :frowning:


For the older firmware I use older Arduino as I get errors sometimes with the newer versions. I use Arduino 1.0.1 or 1.05

When flashing I load the firmware in arduino each time… as in… close arduino, then open it, then find the malin.ino fresh each time.

When I load a new firmware on reboot of the board, On the LCD I navigate to Restore Failsafe then Store Memory and I do this every time.

Same as if I do a change in say Motion I always Store Memory

I find if I follow this ritual every time I have way less issues.

One other this that had caught me in the past. I never edit in arduino or save in arduino. I use a seperate editor like Crimson Editor (now Emerald Editor ). This has also stopped me from having issues with arduino and firmware. Good thing about this editor is you can leave it open (just save) as you write firmware, so it makes it nice and easy to follow where you are upto when doing lots of tweaking and lots of uploading.


Dear Antony

Thank you so very much YOU’VE DONE IT! :smile: Pressing Restore Failsafe did it!

Why I don’t know. I assumed that reflashing the firmware would have done the same thing but no.What was changed to have caused the problem I have no idea.

But thank you again for your great help.

Lots of Love to you



Yeah cool glad I could help.

I have hit my head against this a few times in the past and now that I work on lots of printers and of late done a few upgrades for people where I’ve replaced motherboards and had to start again with a virgin firmware. My little “procedure” has become second nature now when doing any changes to firmware.