Greetings from Calgary, Alberta Canada


My name is Richard and I am new to the 3D printer community. I received my printer kit in December 2016. It has been a pain to get it printing well. I have managed to print most of the parts for a Wilson 2 build and I really like the design. I am eager to complete it and should have it done by the end of April. A few of the upgrades I have planed for the build include a 200 x 300 x 3 mm aluminium bed from my local parts dealer, a E3D V6 head and BL-Touch sensor.


Cool! Nice to see a fellow Calgarian! Welcome!


Are you a member of the local 3d printing club? If not you should check it out. They meet up the last Thursday of the month @ the Alister Ross building.


No I’m not a member. I went to some information session they had a while back but couldn’t make the time for regular meet ups.