Heated Bed - Which side up?


I bought one of the PCB heatbeds from the online store (http://reprapwilson3d.com/collections/frontpage/products/8-4-x-12-pcb-heatbed-for-3d-printers-200mm-x-300mm), and was wondering which side of the heatbed faces up (i.e. which side does the glass plate sit on top of)?

I’m not sure how much it matters, but right now I have the heatbed mounted with the LED and wires facing up.


At about the 3 minute mark of this video is the heatbed install: Heatbed Assembly / 3 minute mark


The heatbed mjrice installs in the video assembly guide is different from the one sold in the store - it doesn’t seem to have PCB traces on the side that has the warning label on it. Rather, its traces are on the bottom of the board (the opposite side from the label)

My question is more about whether or not the traces should be on the side that touches the glass.


Sorry, when I looked at the picture in the link you provided it looked the same. I guess i can’t help much more other than to suggest heating it up and see if one side gets hotter than the other.


No worries, thanks for your help!


The glass should be on the side with the white printing.