Hello from Alexandria, VA


Just pulled the trigger on a full kit (black).

Looking forward to the build when the kit arrives. Going to watch the assembly videos while I wait.


Kit arrived yesterday. Assembled up to Video #6 (Electronics) already.


Day 2 - Got all the electronics installed.

Had a MINTEMP error on E0 thermistor which was fixed by unplugging and replugging the connector. Managed to blow diode D7 and possibly Q1 due to wiring errors on my part. D7 is obvious because it melted on top when the magic smoke came out and I suspect E0 because it does not seem to know how to switch back off.

Other than the above it all works like it’s supposed too.

Probably move over to E1 to get things going until I can work with Marty on the stuff I need to repair E0. Also have to remove and inspect the E3D to make sure I didn’t overheat it and mess up the PTFE liner.

Moral of the story, don’t stay up late playing with the new toy or you risk making rookie mistakes, go to bed and work on it the next day.


Day 3 - It lives

To work around the E0 FET I burned up, I swapped the E0 and E1 definitions in pins.h had to dig up the 1.0.5 Arduino IDE to get Marty’s Marlin to compile without error but was able to print the file on the SD Card.

It’s a bit ugly because the X-Offset is straight out of the box but hey it prints :wink:


Day 4 - Adjusted Z offset (-12.6 instead of -11.0)

Now my print is as good as the video but still needs work. Not quite sure what to do about curved part and the seam.