Hello from Missouri (and soon to be Tucson!)


Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself before I start asking for help! I’m Cameron, I’m from Missouri but will soon be an Arizonian! I’ve been running a couple of printers in a lab at my university for the past few years (DaVinci 1.0 and then a Wanhao Duplicator i3) - since I’m moving soon I decided I needed my own printer, and rather than beef up a cheap prusa i3 clone kit printer, decided to build a Wilson II from scratch. I ended up sourcing the parts myself and have some odd ideas about my build platform, but there’s plenty of time waiting for all the aliexpress orders to ship to work through the design ideas in my head. I’ve already found tons of helpful information in these threads and I’m sure there’s plenty of other great tips buried throughout the site just waiting to be uncovered. Thanks in advance for the advice!


p.s., I’m super excited about the color scheme, the wait for all the hardware is going to be painful…