Hot End Replacement


Hey All, I have had one of Marty Rice’s original Wilson TS with direct drive filament feed. It printed fantastically for about a year and a half, but now I get lots of gaps and rough edges. I think it came from a new filament i was using, but I can’t seem to clear it up. Does anyone know what JHead was used on the this Wilson design originally. I was very happy with the one that came with it from Marty, but not sure what it was.


what filament are you using?

To me that looks like 2 issues it could be. 1 moisture in the filament or 2 temp you are printing at.

For moisture you need to bake the filament in the oven at about 80 to 85 deg C for 5 plus hours then try the print again.

If the print is the same then you will need to try different temps starting at about the lowest recommended for the filament, then increase by 10 deg C each time to see if you find the temp that works the best. Once you find the best then go up and down in 5 deg C to fine tune it.


Thanks for the reply. I always used to use Hatchbox PLA and got great results. Then i tried Atom PLA in black and got some really great prints. Then i got some blue Atom PLA and at first it printed fine. Then it suddenly started giving results like those in the pic. I tried printing at a couple different temps first. Then i went back to the black Atom and the Hatchbox PLA in am still getting the same results. I tried multiple cold pulls and it is better, but it is still not like the nice prints i used to get.


The hot ends I used back then are from as far as I know they still make the same model!



I just noticed this response. Sorry for the late reply. I appreciate your response.

Are you still building kits? I looked for you again at MRRF this year but didn’t see you.

Thanks again.