Just Ordered a Blue Wilson


I’ve been looking at 3D printers for a little while now, my grade school son has been bugging me to get one :relaxed:

I was going to buy a cheap $200 Chinese machine but, the more I read about peoples assembly experiences and the general quality of them I couldn’t pull the trigger.
Then I came across the Wilson II :heart_eyes:

Wow, what a different experience people seem to have after purchasing Wilson. I have watched all the assembly videos, they are well made and appear to be straight forward, step by step instructions.

I really like the fact that the purchase helps support the actual developer. I also like the fact that the hardware and the software is constantly improved!

I would have purchased sooner but, my son insisted on a Blue Wilson II so I got on the notification list on Tindie and kept reading and watching videos. Today I received notification that Wilson was back in stock and in blue! The sale was completed in less than 2 minutes from the time I opened the email notification.

I usually prefer to build things from scratch and had considered sourcing all the parts myself but I figured by the time I found all the hardware and did all the prep work that is needed before actual assembly I wouldn’t save that much money and it would be a huge time sink.


Congrats! I’ve got a blue one too…had it a week now. Took me about 12 hours to assemble - I took my time though.

I assume we will end up with the same revision…the power supply hookup/mount is different than the vids but there is a post here with pics and it works/looks fine. The video I watched had a RAMPS board instead of the PICO which shipped with mine. The paperwork in the box has a diagram of the PICO for you. Also, the Z couplers are plastic now…I didn’t like that change at first but they seem to be fine. I also read the reasoning behind the change so it makes sense.
The fit and quality of the metal and plastic printed parts shipped with mine was excellent…only a tiny amount of trimming plastic on the whole build, and that was mostly on the couplers to make them fit. It really does have every single part, tool and material you need to actually print something.

Good luck…I’ll be looking to hear how yours goes.