Late introduction


I’ve been on the forums for a while now so this is a little late I guess.

I live in Brisbane Australia and I have been into 3D printers for a few years now. I am a sheet metal worker by trade and predominantly work in prototyping. I also had a long race car support, mainly Off Road racing but I also ran my own rally team competing in the mid '90s and when I say “ran” I did basically everything. I built the cars, built the suspension, built the engines and was the driver.

My other hobby is drones and last week I got my Drone Pilots License as well.

Ok that aside I have a free gift for anyone on the forums who would like a side project. I guess I am only offering it to anyone in Brisbane or close enough to pick it up.

I have an original Makerbot Cupcake which doesn’t work (motherboard is dead) but with the price of parts these days would be a cool little project for someone to rebuilt.

If anyone is interested give me a shout and it’s yours but I am not keen on posting it so you have to either be close or able to arrange friend/family to get it.