Linear bearings for y carriage on the Mega


This is my bible

But other than that not that I have found in one spot.

I do temp… find the temp that gives a good result for the filament without stringing. Then I do flow.

and hey I am lazy if I know the nozzle is too close to the bed by the way it is almost scrapping the bed… I used to stop, re slice, restart etc… now I just turn the flow down heaps like 50% or less for the first layer and maybe the second then gradually turn it back up on the next few layers.


now i’ve gotten my printer back to accurate dimentions the linear rails are fitting much better, still really tight and does pop a crack at the holes where its ment to hold them in place. but it works quite well now.


How big is the build plate and the overall size of the printer? Am thinking of making a 400mm400mm400mm print volume wilson ii, but have a 630mm700mm600mm enclosure space and don’t know if it will fit. How much extra space does the wilson ii have on either side of the build plate and above and below (would like to fit in a filament storage drawer at the top of the enclosure if possible)? Final question, for the LM10UU linear bearing, would it be smoother to get igus drylin ones (my friend had to buy new bearings for his Anet A8) and I would prefer not to buy twice!


Sorry - missed this message. Has been a long time, hopefully still relevant to you, height is 450, including a spool, width is around 430, length is going to be your problem, the bed needs to swing at least 800 mm for the hotend to reach the whole thing, plus a bit more for travel beyond that.


For anyone that is interested, I was having problems with the clamps @ant0ny designed splitting, turns out my rails are a good 0.2 mm thicker than his, I guess that is what to expect when I bought cheap chinese rails.

To solve the problem, I redesigned so that the blocks are a spacer that fits between the rail and the 2020:

You can find the files here: