Location for latest firmware


Where can I find the latest Wilson 2 configuration’s Marlin Firmware?


https://github.com/mjrice/Marlin This is mjrice modified firmware for the Wilson 2


I am looking to upgrade my firmware, but when I go to the link - https://github.com/mjrice/Marlin it doesn’t look right.
That firmware looks really generic. I doesn’t even mention the Wilson II. It doesn’t mention MJRICE_BEDLEVELING_RACK.

I am looking for the firmware that has the extra bed leveling rack in it. Can someone tell me where to find it?



Thanks BigAnt, I was just now reading about the upcoming changes in another thread Upgrade Wilson fork to Marlin 1.1?
I guess it is just not ready yet.
I am really looking forward to the new firmware being finished for the Willson II. It sounds like it will be an improvement.