Loose smooth rods in the z-axis part of the design?


I’m wondering if the two smooth rods in the z axis are supposed to be loose inside their fittings. I’m able to shift the rod up and down pretty easily to a point where it completely clears the rod hole in the printed piece holding the z motor. Do people just leave it loose like that or should I shove something in the hole to keep it still?


Crap I meant to mention this a while back to Marty, the cutting list seems to be incorrect but because I had spare rods I just recut them.

You could put anything the correct length into the top mount to take up the gap. When I fit my rods if they are a mm or 2 short I use a small ball of Bluetac as well just to make sure you don’t have a loose rod moving back and forth.


I ended up using some springs I had around and cutting them to length. Well at least I’m the only one who noticed the gap :slight_smile: