Missing Parts ... maybe?


Received my Wilson II a few days ago and have begun building. First roadblock is with the idler pulleys on the X-Axis. The video calls for a “624” bearing and two plastic belt guides. There are NO belt guides in the box of plastic parts nor can I find them in any of the other part bags. Bag B2 contains (1) 624RS bearing which requires an M4 screw but the M4 screw is too big for the holes on the X-Idler. (They appear to be sized for M3 screws.). This appears to be the bearing I need but can’t because the belt guides are missing and small hole sizes. There are (2) 624 idler pulleys (with ribbed centers and built in belt guides) and appear to use M3 screws. Are these intended to replace the “624”/plastic belt guide bearings? If not, is there file that contains the plastic belt guides in .stl format? I see one that is a .png file but I need the .stl format to be able to print them??


Yeah the metal pulleys are a big upgrade over the plastic ones, use those instead.

Keeping doco up to date can be difficult at the best of times… I don’t pity Marty on that one.