Modify Wilson II Marlin to run without Bed Leveling


I cant figure this out. I have neither a pinion nor a servo arm to level the bed. I only have X, Y and Z endstops. Now how can I modify the WIlson II Marlin firmware to work with that?

Thanks a lot!


At the very beginning of the Configuration.h file you need to work through commenting out what you don’t need. there are instruction written into the code to guide you.

The other option is just to use the standard Marlin firmware.

// @section info
//#define WILSON_TYPE           // comment this out if not wilson
#define WILSON_II_TYPE        // comment this out if not wilson ii
#define MY_BEDLEVELING_DEFAULTS // comment this out to strip out all the bed leveling stuff

#define MJRICE_BEDLEVELING_RACK // include this (only) if using the rack-and-pinion aparatus for bed probing / leveling


I commented out “#define MY_BEDLEVELING_DEFAULTS” and “#define MJRICE_BEDLEVELING_RACK”. Then it does not compile anymore.

I tried the latest standard Marlin firmware. Everything works after some tweaking, except the Endstops dont get registered.

It would be really cool if someone could assist me here, I spent hours already.


Where did you get this firmware? I can’t find anything like this in the configuration.h included in the marlin i downlaoded from mjrice’s github


If you look at the date its from Sept '16 almost a year ago


Right, my bad! I actually managed to find the branch with the relevant firmware…