Moving forward on the Chimera Install...firmware issue


I’ve got the Chimera(2 in 2 out) assembled mostly but need to do the hot-tighten procedure. That involves wiring it up and powering on both heaters.
I went through the firmware to try to enable the 2nd hotend/extruder but I’ve having a problem getting Marlin to Compile.
I keep getting this error:
#error “E1_STEP_PIN, E1_DIR_PIN, or E1_ENABLE_PIN not defined for this board.”

I’ve been digging for examples but understandably - none are using the PICA.

Can someone point me to what I’m missing?
I’m using the new firmware and it works/compiles fine till I try to enable the stuff for the second hotend.

EDIT: I did find the missing settings in pins_PICA.h.