Need diagnostic help - Hot End not heating



I bought a second Wilson kit and just finished assembly. Before testing, I successfully configured a Corsair 550w power supply. Both leads are perfect 12v on my multimeter.

The heatbed heats perfectly, but the hot end does not heat. I correctly get the temperature from both thermistors.

Where should I start diagnosing?

Thank you,



It seems that my hot end and the bed are no longer heating. I have 12 volts on each connection.

I’m not sure what is going on. I spent 10 minutes testing before work and a few hours this evening. Now that I have two Wilsons, I have visually compared the wiring and swapped power supplies.

Which component on RAMPS controls the heating? Did I ‘pop’ something?



Case closed. I pulled the hot-end wires off. Tested resistance, hit the reset button, put the wires back on and my hot-end and heat bed are working!?!