New to printing


bought a flsun cube high volume printer. I have 2 questions so far. I owned a wanhao I3 duplicator and my home location was near the fron left of the bed, this printer is right in the middle. is that normal for a cube printer? Secondly, the auto leveling goes through its 6 point process but I can see the bed is not level when it is done, one side is lower than the other, do I need to manually adjust it somehow? I tried to adjust it while it was powered down but it just goes back to the same as before when I fire it back up again


Howdy - I think you might have found the wrong forum, this forum is specific for those with the reprap Wilson series of printers.

That said, I’ll try to answer:

  1. It can be set in firmware to be anywhere, however the most common is front left and dead center. Depending on your firmware you can do the change and re-upload it.

  2. The auto leveling doesn’t change the physical level of the bed, it enables the software to apply corrections based on what it has measured.

    1. You will need to get it pretty close to level, and then the Auto leveling will be able to take care of the rest.

    2. What you want to do is manually move the nozzle to the 4 corners of the bed and check the level.

    3. If you have a bed leveling probe you can do this check using G30 Xnn Ymm where nn and mm are the y co-ordinates of each corner. Manually adjust the bed until the G30 results in each corner are the same.

    4. If you don’t have a bed leveling sensor, move to the coordinates using G1 Xnn Ymm, then lower the nozzle to Z=0 (you can use G1 Z0, but I’d recommend doing this using the controls in your host i.e. pronterface, octoprint etc) and adjust the bed so it just touches the nozzle. Raise the nozzle (G1 Z10) and move onto the next corner.