PC Power Supply Brackets


I have made a bracket system for using a PC Power Supply for my Wilson II build. I tried to upload into the forum but I couldn’t so I put it up on Thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1564383

This could be used for any 2020 framed printer. I’m using a 550watt supply I had laying around in my office and I followed the wiki to strip out whats needed and get it ready.


I used the words “WIlson II” on one version of the bottom bracket. If this is any breach of naming rights or your not keen on me using the name, let me know and I’ll pull it off straight away


Thanks for sharing - looks nice!


Why would one choose an atx power supply over an LED strip PSU?


Had one sitting in my office for years that was left over from a upgrade of my gaming PC. I also had the thought of using a Silent PC power supply in the future, which would the same dimensions.


Looks really nice, I was just adding a ATX supply to mine as well. Looking forward to using the raspberry pi to power on and off the printer.

Thank you very much for sharing.



Remo, I have moved on from this now. the weight of the power supply on the frame was ok the first time. When I built a second system the weight of the PSU was much more, so I do a complete different layout now.

It eliminates any issues with weight on the frame. makes it easy to remove upgrade. I just use the 6pin plug you can buy from an Auto supplier but you could wire it direct.


Good to Know, I started thinking about the weight as I was looking at your bracket and it seemed like the wiggle on the X axis might cause fatigue on the bracket and ultimately, the weight could cause some drift.

I looked at a 9 pin molex because I want to run lights on the side 20x20 extrusions, and was going to use a buck converter on the 5v to make sure the 12v was stable.

Thank you for sharing anth0ny.



Not a problem.

I prefer computer PSU they are pretty rock solid… also they generally (the one I get) have 2x 12v rails plus a 5v and a 3.3v. I make sure I get one 12v wire from each rail that way you know you are getting the best.

I just follow the above wiki guide and also do the 3.3v sense wire they talk about.

If you want to spend more money you can buy PSU’s with no external wires, just plugs and I have just made up a loom to plug into this… these PSU’s at the moment are not cheap.


I have a single rail supply but it’s Haswell ready. I’ll look into the sense info you are talking about. but the power is very stable. So that’s a plus. I thought about the modular but figured I could use the money on other goodies.

Nice work again.