PEI bed - suggestions?


Received my silicon heated bed today, and my PEI should be coming in the next couple of days.

I’m tossing up between attaching the PEI to the same alu plate as the heater, or having two plates so I can easily remove the build surface. More weight means slower printing… So leaning towards same plate.


My PEI sheets arrived yesterday.
At first I tried just binder clips to the heat plate, but got some lifting (The sheets were a tad thinner than I thought they would be at .8mm) I used the included 3m sheets to stick it to a thin plain glass sheet. Seems to be working great so far! It might work if you stick them to the plate but you might have to wait for things to cool (I wanted a system to quickly swap sheets.)


@Squid, That’s a tough call. What did you decide on?


No decision yet, I’m still pondering but Chinese heated beds have forced my hand, I’ll need to decide this week.


That looks… “Exciting?”… (bummer!)

An update on the PEI, they are WONDERFUL! You won’t look back.