PICA & BL Touch


Has anyone gotten the PICA and a BL Touch configured and working with Marlin for your Wilson II? If so would you mind sharing your config and thoughts?

I am currently printing the parts for my WIlson II and want to use a spar BL Touch I have sitting here and thought I might order a PICO to try.

Thanks in advance folks!


ended up ordering a ramps as there seems to be tons of documentation out there on it with the BL Touch - will post my marlin changes when I get to that point - will be awhile yet though.


Did you ever get the BLTouch working on the Pica?


Wanted to see if anyone has gotten the bl touch working on their wilson ii with the pica board.


I did actually. I used the servo 3 pins and the zmin endstop. I use Repetier and followed the recommended config from Antclabs for Repetier and it works well enough. It would probably be even better on Marlin as the Repetier support is rather basic.