PICA Re-ARM compatibility


Hi all,

I was wondering what modifications would be necessary to use a PICA board with a Re-ARM controller. The only pins of the Re-ARM that are not 5v-tolerant are the analog input pins, so would it be sufficient to replace the 5v regulator with a 3.3v one? I’m not using a LCD or optical endstops or anything, so the only issue I’d have to work out would be powering a servo. I have a ton of 7805s, I could just provide 5v externally (I think…)

EDIT: Just to clarify, this question is only about hardware compatibility. I know that Re-ARM runs Smoothieware by default, but I’m comfortable with setting that up.


I would love to know the answer as well. have the re-arm on a different printer, works great, but really hating having to use the ramps board. the LCD should be pretty easy to get working with the re-arm, but not sure about the other pins. think it should just work? not 100% on any of it.


I actually just saw a github issue about this, later today I’ll take a look at the schematic and see if I can find replacement regulators with the same footprint.


@mjrice Just wanted to make sure you see this before I try frying my board! :stuck_out_tongue:


If it is the thermistor inputs that you are referring to in regards to analog inputs, those are powered by the voltage regulator on the arduino, not by the regulator on the pica board (this was not true prior to rev E of the pica board but if you have the latest one then it is).


Thanks for the response! Both of my picas are rev. C, so it looks like I’ll have to swap out the regulator.


Thanks Share tips to compatiblity related some usefull Give.

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I have been looking at whether or not the PICA and the Re-ARM are compatible. Can anyone indicate if they are?

I am trying to read this and the issue, but cannot come to any conclusions about whether or not it is good - or changes must be made, etc.


I have been wondering about the compatibility too.

I have a few Re-Arm boards and wanted to use a PICA with one.


@mister-walter Did you ever get the Re-ARM working well with the Pica? I’ve got a Rev E Pica and I’m running into some limits with 8bit and would like to upgrade but don’t want to buy a new controller without knowing it can be done. Looks like it’s possible, but i’m not advanced enough to catch any gotchas.