PICA rev c Wiring questions


Is there a schematic / list of what wires plug into what spots for the Rev C PICA board?
Example: heat bed - fet2 (D10)

It seems there have been changes to the board layout from rev B to rev C.
I’m looking to find out what fet# corresponds to what wires.

The assembly videos show the ramps board so it is not helpful now.

The rev B pin outs are in this link: Rev B pin out

On rev B the upper left fet is marked (fet3 D10)
on Rev C the upper left fet is marked (fet3 D2)


Let me ask it simpler.

Hot bed to fet# ?

Hot end (extruder) to fet# ?


does this help?



So use use the correct FET# and not worry about the D#.

I’ll be printing soon :relaxed:


Wow, the test print came out pretty good.
I moved on to a Benchy, not bad not sure what needs tweaking but we are printing :slight_smile: