Pica Rev E wiring SSR


I’m trying to sort out a few things with my pica. I haven’t seen many others using one. It is a rev e 24 volt. I have a silicone heat bed that needs to be wired with an ssr. To my understanding, the pica has an option to include the ssr, but when I purchased mine, the option wasn’t there. Is there a special ssr that I need to mount on the board that can be purchased separately? It looks like I need at least a 5 amp ssr. My heat bed is 500 watts, 110 volt. from the calculator it gave me roughly 4.5 amps with those factors. Also, I’m not sure which spot to hook the servo for the bed leveling up to. Lastly, where is the spot for the extruder fan? The one that turns off and on. As of right now, these are the only items I’m having issues with. The next step after this is going to be the programming, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have questions about that. Any expertise is much appreciated.


I run my E3D rad cooler from 12v dc on the header strip next to the sockets for the LCD…
There are also a couple of white sockets below the strip that can be used. The connector group is labeled AUX POWER OUT. The pins labelled VPSU will be at 24v.


The fans that I purchased are all 24 volt. I’m not sure if that will work for my application. Attached are pictures of my shield with the current connections made. Pictured here are the board fan and “hinge mount” fan spliced in the fet 4 input. I also have the hot end, hot end thermistor, x axis end stop, and x axis motor wired up.


For the ssr, I purchased the one from sparkfun which is your standard one. Nothing fancy like the one that was supposed to be mounted to the board.