Power supply setting in Marlin


I just need to check what setting to use in the Marlin code for the power supply.
I am using a 380w 12vDC led power supply but not sure if i must change the following lines?

//// The following define selects which power supply you have. Please choose the one that matches your setup
// 0 = other (don’t have power supply enable from arduino)
// 1 = ATX
// 2 = X-Box 360 203Watts (the blue wire connected to PS_ON and the red wire to VCC)
// :{1:‘ATX’,2:‘X-Box 360’}
#define POWER_SUPPLY 0

I had a problem pop up after final assembly were i selected ABS preheat and while it was heating up the LCD went blank and the heating process stopped forcing me to reboot.