Printing Wilson II parts Questions


I just ordered the Wilson II kit without the printed parts and am starting the process of printing all the parts myself with an Ultimaker 2 that I have access to at my local makersapce. I would have bought all the printed parts with the kit but I have 4 rolls of filament from Makergeeks that I need to use up because they are all 2.85mm rather than the 1.75mm which I will be switching to once I have my Wilson II built. I have a few questions about printing these parts.

I have read more than a few times now that the parts shouldn’t be printed in PLA because of it’s brittleness and low heat resistance and rather ABS or PETG should be used. The 4 spools of filament I have are ABS, PETG, PLA, and Raptor PLA (HTPLA). Is there one of these you would recommend over another for all the prints, or maybe some parts in one type of material and others in another?

I have looked at all the STL’s and can’t tell for some if supports should be used. Do the STL’s need any supports or are they designed to print without any?

I printed the table for the bed to ride on in the HTPLA and it came out beautifully, however there was some shrinkage when measured with calipers and comparing those measurements to the STL’s after importing them into Inventor. Are the STL’s designed with shrinkage in mind or should the parts be scaled based on the material? I am concerned that I may try printing a part in ABS (or any of these materials for that matter) only to find it has shrunk so much that it will not fit.

Thank you so much for any help. Any tips or warnings are also welcome!


I believe Marty has chimed in a couple times before in reply to questions. The sold parts are printed in PLA, at either %50 or %80 (i think he changed fill % at some point) as to the print accuracy with other materials the best way to find out if you need to resize is do some test prints and see if it stays accurate to intended measurements.


In his post of April 14, Marty notes “My default config for printing parts is 0.24mm layer height, outer shell 3 layers v and 1.5mm h (3 nozzle widths) and 70% infill.” He only uses PLA.


Thanks for the input. I got in touch with him about it as well and he said the same. I talked to someone on Thingiverse that said they had trouble with the Y-motor part cracking after some use. Has anyone else had any problems with a part cracking or failing in another way?


I just noticed this weekend that mine had cracked on the Y-axis front mount. opposite the motor right where the tensioner goes through. i am currently printing up a replacement part with 100% infill to see if it happens again. I’ve had my printer for about 3 months now and its been under pretty constant use since i got it. think its at lest partially due to putting to much tension on it.
i would also recommend printing the improved tensioners as mine had cracked quite quickly as well.


Was it the updated front Y-axis… it was revised sometime back if you look at the STL file it should have a thicker top edge to make it stiffer.

I actually just made a stiffer Y-axis motor end as well to mirror the updated front… I’ll upload my STL for Marty to look at.


indeed it was the updated front Y-axis. i think it was at least partially user error, was trying to make sure the axis slip i was experiencing wasn’t due to belt slip. so probably over tightened the belt by quite a bit.