Question regarding BOM adjustments and general part requirements


Hello all, I am embarking on the journey of building a Wilson 2, however i would like some advice before I get going.

  1. If I want to use an MK2B heated bed (214x214mm) do i use that exact size in the BOM spreadsheet?
  2. Will this pulley work for the 2x GT2 pullies required?

Thank you for your time.


I can’t advise you on the heated bed because I went for an aluminium bed with a silicon heater but the pulleys are fine.


Thats the right pulley… if you a looking else where other than GT2, 20teeth and 6mm belt width is the standard just make sure you get 5mm Bore that is the size to fit your stepper motor. There are other bore sizes like 8mm and 6.35mm etc.

Knowing this you could find cheaper ones else where.

I had a Wilson II with a 200x200 heated bed. I did the same as the BOM so I could upgrade it later to a 200x300 bed and just allowed for the shorter heated bed in the software.

There is a bed plate I made up but there are probably other setups easier than mine.


Great thank you, do you know whether I can use 3030 v slot instead of 2020?


No nothing would fit. The whole system is designed for 2020 only.