Questions on A Mostly Wilson TS to Wilson 2 with the kit


So I have a Mostly Wilson TS which means from a distance it probably looks right from the frame but it has some major issues I want to finally address by looking at an upgrade.

I notice the price of the Wilson 2 kit is pretty decent, although there are a few parts I wouldn’t need because of changes I have made.I wanted to know how easy it would be to fit these modifications into a build with that kit.

The most notable changes are the Titan Aero hot end, a duet wifi board, and a 24V power supply. I probably have enough 24V fans to take care of those. Right now I have an imperial lead screw that I cannot wait to get rid of. Most of the issues I can foresee would be mounting issues.

I know I would want to change the bed over to a PEI because I absolutely love it. I also have a (real) bltouch on the way that I might be trying to integrate with it.

Any ideas when the kits will be back in stock?


Since you already have a great deal of the parts needed you could just compare the Wilson 2 BOM to what you already have and just pick up what you’re missing. If I recall correctly from when I looked at upgrading my TS you really only need a couple lengths of T slot. There are modded files on thingiverse that would let you reuse your 8mm rods.


Main problem I have right now is the imperial lead screw and I wouldn’t mind having a “perfect” starting point for the machine too as mine seems to be having lots of issues mechanically right now. The wider rods would be nice I think.

T-Slot is actually the least of my worries, because I have a lot of it ready to be cut.

I was really thinking about that kit because it was a great price, and our local hackerspace has some folks that are interested but have never seen a kit. I could always upgrade the stuff on the kit to the things I already have as upgrades after, notable the 24V and the duet wifi.