Raising the Z Bridge


So In working with my printer, I found I wanted to print something that was 179mm tall, it was the only way to fit it on the platform However I was pretty sure thanks to wires and spool rack and controller, I was likely to clip into it with the wires for the extruder…

To avoid this, I figured out a way to raise the horizontal bar on the Wilson II another 100 mm (I picked this as safe.) and that should let me use almost all of the 300 mm leadscrews for height.

To do it, I would need to get longer 20x20 extrusions for the back vertical supports, but just 2 and punch holes in the 2 top plates to pass it through.

I think my design would be helpful to others. I don’t have it together yet as I just finished pulling the freshly printed plates off my printer and testing to make sure the fit was snug.

But I thought I’d share with you what I worked up. If there is a better place to put the STL please let me know.

Here are some pre-install pictures:

And the STL I created in Blender using the original STL from github and a 20x20 model I pulled off thingiverse to punch the whole.

Misumi Aluminum extrusion 2020 profile

My Wilson II Z top plate

This has both left and right plates though I’m sorry I only used the left and mirrored it.
I’m pretty sure you can figure out which should go on the left and which on the right.

Hope you find this a fun addition. I’ll post more when I’ve installed them.



Quick word of noted. While I could fit my z tops to the extrusions provided with the Wilson II kit, the replacement 20x20 extrusions have a slightly different profile necessitating some filing and grinding at the T grooves, narrowing them to fit.

I’ll update the model soon as I can. But it’s the journey that makes the adventure.



The good news is the mod worked, I can now print up to 193mm on the Z. I forgot to order some M5 washers so I am holding the top in place with my old Z tops. I’ll post pictures once, the mod is finished.

Have a great day.



More good news is, my original STL for the Z top plate are perfectly useful and good. It seems there can be variances in 20x20 profiles. The replacement extrusions were 5.25mm wide in the channel vs 6.25mm of the kit original.

I’ll tweak up another Model just for the joy of it soon.