RAMPS jumper settings


What are the X,Y,Z & Extruder jumper settings and positions under stepper driver daughter boards?


Those are for setting the micro-stepping of the stepper drivers. If the jumpers are all removed, then one step from the arduino gives one full step on the motor (1.8 degrees). If all the jumpers are in place, then the same step from the arduino will move the motor 1/16th as much.


By looking at the Movement Settings in the Configuration.h file, I can’t tell the micro-setting you’ve chosen for the stepper motors, and so I don’t know where to place the jumpers. Sorry my question wasn’t more precise.


The default is to have all jumpers installed, for 1/16th stepping. These values are not explicitly in the firmware, but they are used to determine the steps/mm values for each axis, which is in the file configuration.h.


Not sure if this the info you are after but Geeetech have a good pic and layout for the Ramps board