Recommendations for 300*300 bed in Australia



I need to replace my wobbly 300*300 MDF bed with something stiffer. E.g. aluminium or high tensile steel.

I’m thinking 3mm Aluminium and probably water cutting given thickness. I have a few enquiries out, but such services are so expensive here that it may be economical to get done in US or Asia.

Does anyone have any advice re materials, thickness, or where to get the deed done?




I do them in 4mm and high tensile Ali. I am not in a position to do you a plate as the waterjet guy I use is not available. I will in the future do them again but with my own machine.

I do have one plate in stock… but it is for a current build. I will contact another guy on Monday and do you a price if you haven’t sourced one before then.


Lulzbot sells nice 24v ones. It’s a piece of glass with a silicone heater pad attached to the bottom and a preinstalled nonstick coating.


Babs - Sorry. I should have said plate. I have a bed, and am looking to replace the MDF plate.

Antony - thanks very much. The best I have found is 150 for 3mm alu. So I am interested.

Alternately I can’t see a need for sub-mm accuracy so could hand cut. Is it fair to say laser and water cutting is overkill here?


I got them Waterjet cur mainly because it was cheap for me with my contacts but like all good things they do fade away.

If I continue to do Custom 3D Printer builds I will build a Gantry Mill to make bed plates and other machined plates for building larger high end machines

I will do you a quote to hand make one.If I cant get one waterjet at a cheap price.